We attach great importance to bringing quality to our customers. This is also our trademark.

So we want to ask you all to carry out a bloodtest and place it as a review on one of our cooperating forums. As a reward you will receive a 5% discount on your next order!


– Do a bloodtest with your doctor or order a bloodtest online.

– Write an honest review on one of the forums. Subjects that are interesting: Delivery time, product quality, communication, packaging.

– Add your blood test to the review as an image.

– Send us the link of your review and your forum nick name BEFORE placing a new order.

– Once your review and account is checked we will send u a discount code.


When you carry out a blood test then please be shure to ask for an uncapped test.
Sometimes they cap the results because the values are to high. We as sport athletes want to see the full results not the capped results!