Frequently Asked Questions

I received my order and the box is damaged. What do i do?

We do our best to package products as securely and carefully as possible to prevent possible damage. However, in rare occurrences, unusually rough handling by postal services can cause damage to the contents. Please provide us with an order ID and pictures of the unopened box and the damaged products.

I missed my package delivery There was nobody home to accept the package.

In most cases your postal offical will arrange 2 delivery attempts. If you failed to accept your package 2 times then the post office will usually keep your package for 2-3 weeks before they return it to sender. Make sure to pick up the package as soon as possible because we do not accept returns.


My order was returned to you by the shipping carrier. What happens next?

Please contact us. We will review the problem.

What is your reship policy for high risk countries?

Until now we only have experience with shipping to EU, UK and USA.

We can only guarantee a reship policy for these countries.

Can you ship to a post box?

Yes, we can ship to a PO box.

Do I need to sign for my package?

Yes, we use a tracked shipment so a signature is required.

I put the wrong shipping address and i have already paid my order. What should I do?

If you paid the order and submitted the payment information, you must immediately contact us at If your package has not been shipped yet, we will correct your mistake.

What if I put the wrong shipping address and the order has already been shipped?

Unfortunately, we are not able to change the shipping address on orders once they’ve been transmitted to the fulfillment center. We strongly recommend you double check your order information before submitting the order. Any mistake may cause the non-delivery of the product (since the package can’t be returned to sender) and will be at the expense of the customer.

My package is stuck and not moving any more, what do I do?

Sometimes your package gets hold in the postal network. Please wait 4 weeks before asking us to reship. In 95% of the cases that this exceptional situation occurs, we see that the package suddenly starts to move.

Why isn’t my tracking number working?

In rare occasions the shipping company may be slow at updating or it won’t update until it clears the customs in your country.

What is your delivery succes rate?

USA = 99%

EU Schengen  = 100%

UK = 100%

Rest of EU = 99%


When will i receive my order?

Please check the shipping page by clicking the button in the top menu for a detailed shipping time to your country.

Imagine that my package has been stopped. What shall I do then?

Please contact us immediately with your tracking code. We will offer a full order reshipment and guidance trough the customs process.

Will my packagage get seized when the customs check my package?

We do everything we can to keep a success rate of 100 percent. We keep a low profile with all of our shipments. In the rare occasion that a package is seized we offer a free order reshipment.

Do you ship international?

We ship all our products internationally.

Where can i track my packages?

Please vistit to check the status of your package with your tracking code.

Do you ship on saturday, sunday and holidays?

We usually only ship on weekdays. We will also ship on Saturdays during busy periods. You can always check your tracking code to see when your package was shipped. We do not ship on sundays or holidays.

When will you ship my package?

We will ship your package withing 24hours. In exceptional cases it can take up to 72 hours.


When will i receive my tracking code?

You will receive a code when your order has been completed. This usually takes 24 hours on weekdays but in exceptional cases it can take up to 4 days.

Will i receive a tracking code?

Yes, you will receive a tracking code as soon as you order has been processed.

Which postal method do you use?

We ship all our packages with priority mail. All the packages are provided with a tracking code. Please click our SHIPPING button in the top menu for more detailed information.

Do you have a minimum order?

No, we don’t have a minimum order. This means that you can even order one single product.

In this way we provide you with a safe way to test a product, view it or you can build trust with our website in a calm and secure way

From where are you packages shipped?

Our packages are shipped from Belgium Or Austria. Both countries are located in the schengen zone. This is a huge benefit for international shipments.

Where is your webshop located?

Our webshop is located in Austria, However our packages are shipped from Austria or Belgium.