We ship from Belgium Or Austria. Both countries are located in the schengen zone. This is a huge benefit for international shipments. We never ship from another location for your safety.


USA : 3-6 Days

EU: 1-6 Days

UK: 1-6 Days

  • Any delays by the customs are not taken into account.
  • The terms are valid for shipments for the largest cities of the country of destination. For islands and difficult to acces areas you need to count 1 to 3 days extra!
  • General or specific holidays in Belgium, Austria or te country of destination are not included.



In most cases your post office will arrange 2 delivery attempts.

If you fail to accept your package 2 times then your post office will usually keep your package up to 4 weeks (depending on your country) before they return it to the sender. You will need to pick up your package in person at your local post office.

Make sure to pick up the package as soon as possible. We do not accept returns.


All our packages are sent as a tracked shipment so you can track your package online.

Your courier will personally deliver your package at home or you can pick it up at your local post office when you are not home during the delivery attempt.

The only way to accept the package is by giving a signature.


Why isn’t my tracking number working?

– In rare occasions the shipping company may be slow at updating or it won’t update until it clears the customs in your country. Please do not email us about this problem. You will need yo have patient. If you received your tracking code you can be sure that your package has been shipped.

My package is stuck and not moving any more, what do I do?

– Sometimes your package gets hold in the postal network. Please wait up to 4 weeks before asking us to reship. In 95% of the cases that this exceptional situation occurs, we see that the package suddenly starts to move.